Continue to be aware of shipping scams 6/15/21

We are doing everything in our power to protect the public from being scammed by people using our name and logos, but it continues to be a problem. It makes us sick that our name is being used in such disgusting ways. Below is another example of a FAKE BOL. This is NOT us. As you can see the image is very poor quality and the email being used is a gmail. Now that we have brought down several of their sites very quickly they are now hiding behind gmail accounts.

If you are the scammers reading this, shame on you!! We are relentless and will not stop at bringing you down! 

Continued Reports 5/12/21

We have had continued reports of duplicate sites that are using our team photo, logo, address, along with photos of our vehicles. We continue to work to bring down each site each time it is brought to our attention. We scan the internet every week looking for new site copying our company information to protect the public from scammers.

Also be aware there are still scammers out there pretending to send gifts. They will “get stuck in customs” and you will be asked to pay $1000s+ to free them. Do not give money to these people. Always be aware of who you meet online.

Web Site Duplicated! Reported 12/20/19

There is another web site that has stolen our information and is posing as us! This is not us and we are not affiliated with this site in any way. Our correct address is Please do not give them any money or provide any personal information.

2nd INCIDENT: Reported 4/18/19

Scammer is now preying on people in the US. Using our name as “Goldrush Express” and a very similar web address (just missing the “e” in express). Using the email Asking the victim to pay $7500 in order to pay the duties for the international shipment. Please be cautious when meeting people online especially from another country. Do not accept any gifts and if you are asked to pay for the gift in order to receive it, it is surely a scam and you should report them to the FBI.

1st INCIDENT :  Reported 3/4/19

Please be aware that there is a company known as “Golf Courier Agency” is using our address to try and intimidate people into paying expensive delivery charges. They say that a package has arrived at a near by airport and “you” will need to pay $400 (in this case) for them to deliver the item to you. They provide this shipper’s invoice to help legitimize their scam. Please be cautious with any email you receive saying you owe money for a delivery. Research the company contacting you. Companies with a gmail account is one red flag. No phone number listed is another. We are thankful to this person for being suspicious and researching the company. They did not find a Golf Courier Agency but did find our company by searching the address.

The “company” requested a Money Gram sent to the below contact:

Name : Obidi Lawanika  (NO search results in Google – ZERO)

Country : USA

Address: 6310 orinda Dallas taxas (Misspelled Texas, address is also not view able on Google streetview)

Zipcode: 75248

A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission

Shipper’s Invoice